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One team for all your needs

Geode Health’s mental health specialists work as one to make sure every person has access to the level of support that’s right for them.

Ravi Shah, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Columbia University-trained psychiatrist with 10+ years in practice

Our Philosophy

Matching patients to the right level of care

To meet more of our patients’ needs in one place, Geode pairs the best local psychiatric practitioners and therapists in a single practice. Visits are available in person, or online, in just a few days.

Every one of our specialists receives ongoing education to ensure you benefit from the latest in evidence-based care, all under the supervision of a board-certified psychiatrist. That team-based mindset is a major part of what sets Geode apart in expanding access and affordability in mental healthcare.

When you come to Geode Health, you can feel confident that you’ll be connected to someone who can help. No matter what you’re facing, together we can find a way to make it better.

Our commitment

Solving a crisis-level lack of access in mental healthcare—the right way

Locally-based mental healthcare

The ability to offer in-person visits is essential to providing the highest quality care. Our local offices allow us to assess patients up close and offer a wider range of treatments.

Only fully-employed providers

Geode doesn’t rely on contractors to provide patient care. Every team member is chosen for their clinical excellence and commitment to our mission.

Uncompromising clinical standards

Geode will never prioritize profits over people. We operate according to the most rigorous clinical, evidence-based standards of any national practice, in-person, or online.

Our team

Hiring the best of the best in mental healthcare


Psychiatrists are highly trained medical doctors who specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental illness. All of Geode’s psychiatrists have received additional board certification.


Therapists are licensed professionals such as psychologists, social workers, or marriage and family therapists, who use talk therapy to address mental health issues and improve coping skills, self-esteem, and overall happiness.

Psychiatric NPs

Psychiatric nurse practitioners (PMHNPs) undergo specialized training in mental health to diagnose mental health issues, provide therapy, and prescribe psychiatric medications.

Psychiatric PAs

Psychiatric physician assistants (PAs) work in close collaboration with a licensed psychiatrist to diagnose and treat mental health conditions, including medication management, when necessary.

To me, what’s always been missing in mental health is integration with other providers. I love being part of a bigger team at Geode and collaborating on patient care.

William Giakas, MD

Medical Director, Geode Health Rockford
Yale-trained, board-certified psychiatrist with 20+ years of experience

Our providers love what they do and it shows

Get connected with the mental healthcare you deserve

If you are in crisis and in need of immediate support

Please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by dialing 988 or text the Crisis Text Line by texting HELLO to 741741