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Advanced Treatments

Therapies for complex mental health conditions

Geode’s local offices allows us to provide access to the highly effective mental health treatments that require in-person evaluation

Who should consider advanced treatments?

Advanced psychiatric treatments like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and intranasal ketamine (Spravato) are sometimes needed to address treatment-resistant mental health conditions that do not respond to first-line therapy and medications.

These treatments offer hope to individuals who have exhausted other options. Geode Health will continue to evaluate and adopt promising new treatments with the potential to transform the lives of those living with severe and persistent mental health conditions. If you think you may need advanced psychiatric care, schedule an appointment for an evaluation today.

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Offering flexible in-person and virtual visits

Unlike many “virtual-only” mental healthcare companies today, Geode Health is physically located in the communities we serve. This allows us to monitor our patients with complex needs in person, safely prescribing the medications others can’t, and offering access to the latest treatments.

For more routine visits, we also offer the ability to connect with providers online, via a secure video visit. Both visit types are easy to book and manage online, most available within a week or less.

Advanced treatments offered by Geode Health

Intranasal ketamine is a new medication, administered through the nose, that is used as a depression treatment and for suicidal ideation. Patients self-administer the medication through a nasal spray and are monitored in a comfortable office setting. Ketamine has been shown to increase growth of brain cells which is one reason researchers think it works so rapidly. Intranasal ketamine is FDA-approved, considered to be safe and effective for many people who have not responded to more traditional treatments.

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain. The treatment is FDA-approved to treat depression and other mental health conditions that are resistant to traditional forms of therapy and medication. TMS is extremely safe and effective. It is performed in an outpatient setting and does not require anesthesia or sedation.

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