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Trauma Therapy in Houston, TX (Montrose)

4119 Montrose Blvd suite 230, Houston, TX 77006, USA

Office Hours

  • Monday — Friday9am — 5pm
  • Saturday — SundayClosed

Individual providers may offer expanded appointment hours. Please call (281) 990-1506 for availability.

Why Choose Geode Health for Trauma Therapy in Houston?

At Geode Health, we are committed to providing expert Trauma Therapy in Houston with a focus on comprehensive mental health recovery. Here’s why you should choose us:

Specialized Therapists: Our licensed professional counselors specialize in trauma-focused therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, somatic experiencing, and play therapy.

Evidence-Based Approaches: Geode Health integrates evidence-based modalities like cognitive processing therapy, offering effective and tailored treatments for trauma-related symptoms.

Support for Young Adults: We recognize and address the unique challenges faced by young adults dealing with trauma and offer age-appropriate support and interventions.

Family-Centered Care: Geode Health extends trauma therapy to family counseling, promoting healing within the family unit and addressing relational trauma.

Choose Geode Health for Trauma Therapy that prioritizes your unique needs, providing compassionate support and evidence-based interventions for your journey to recovery. Your path to healing begins with us.

Our providers in Houston, TX (Montrose)

John M Bouras Headshot

John M Bouras, MD

Outpatient Psychiatrist

I am a Supervising Psychiatrist and have been providing mental health services for 21 years… View John M Bouras’s profile

Annette Morales-Tymczak Headshot

Annette Morales-Tymczak, LPC-S


I am a Therapist and have been providing mental health services for 25 years in… View Annette Morales-Tymczak’s profile

Obianuju Okafor Headshot

Obianuju Okafor

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and have been providing mental health services for 2… View Obianuju Okafor’s profile

Kimberly Arcos Headshot

Kimberly Arcos, LPC


I am a Therapist and have been providing mental health services for 7 years in… View Kimberly Arcos’s profile

Ivanna Crippa Headshot

Ivanna Crippa, LPC


Hola! Hello! My name is Ivanna, and I want to welcome you to therapy! I… View Ivanna Crippa’s profile

In-person or online appointments available with our providers in Houston, TX (Montrose)

In contrast to several “virtual-only” mental healthcare companies prevalent today, Geode Health establishes a physical presence within the communities we serve. This physical presence enables us to personally monitor patients with complex needs, safely prescribe medications that others cannot, and provide access to the latest treatments.

Moreover, for enhanced flexibility, we offer the option to connect with providers online through secure video visits. Both types of visits are easily booked and managed online, with availability within a week or less.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trauma Therapy in Houston

Trauma therapy in Houston, offered by our licensed professional counselors at Geode Health, is crucial for individuals navigating the lasting effects of trauma. Our trauma-focused therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and somatic experiencing, provide effective tools for mental health recovery.

Geode Health specializes in trauma therapy for various traumatic events, including but not limited to developmental trauma, abuse, and relational trauma. Our therapists are trained to address a wide range of traumatic experiences with empathy and evidence-based interventions.

Trauma therapy at Geode Health integrates cognitive processing therapy and play therapy to address trauma symptoms. These evidence-based modalities help individuals process traumatic experiences and express emotions, fostering a path towards healing.

Yes, our trauma therapy includes PTSD treatment approaches, such as prolonged exposure and cognitive-behavioral therapy, to address re-experiencing symptoms. Geode Health’s therapists work collaboratively to develop coping strategies for individuals dealing with intrusive thoughts.

Trauma therapy at Geode Health provides support for young adults dealing with lasting trauma-related symptoms and relationship issues. Our therapists address the unique challenges faced by young adults, offering a safe space for exploration and healing.

Absolutely. Our trauma therapy is designed to address a spectrum of trauma symptoms, including social anxiety and aggressive/reckless behavior. Geode Health’s therapists use trauma-focused interventions to support individuals in managing and transforming these challenges.

Yes, trauma therapy at Geode Health is effective in addressing deep emotional pain and depression associated with trauma or a traumatic event. Our therapists work to identify underlying causes, providing support and interventions to promote emotional well-being.

Trauma therapy at Geode Health extends to family counseling, offering support to families affected by trauma. Our therapists employ a trauma-informed approach, fostering understanding and healing within the family unit.

PTSD is a mental health condition that can develop after exposure to a traumatic event, such as a car accident, natural disaster, sexual assault, or combat. Symptoms of PTSD may include flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, and avoidance of reminders of the traumatic event.

Treatment options include therapy, medication, and self-care techniques such as exercise, mindfulness, and meditation. The goal of treatment is to reduce symptoms, improve coping skills, and enhance overall quality of life.

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