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ADHD Testing in Libertyville, IL

1512 Artaius Parkway suite 102, Libertyville, IL 60048, USA

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  • Monday — Friday9am — 5pm
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Individual providers may offer expanded appointment hours. Please call (847) 847-2230 for availability.

Why Choose Geode Health for ADHD Testing in Libertyville, IL?

At Geode Health, we lead the way in mental healthcare, dedicated to offering extensive ADHD testing services in Libertyville. Our skilled professionals are committed to providing a tailored approach for individuals of all ages. What makes us unique is our focus on informed treatment options.

The outcomes of our ADHD testing shape individualized interventions, be it through behavioral strategies, therapy, medication, or a blend of these. We work closely with individuals, equipping them with effective strategies to handle ADHD symptoms and improve overall cognitive function.

Choose Geode Health for ADHD testing that surpasses conventional methods. We provide both in-person and virtual testing sessions, ensuring flexibility and accessibility. Your journey to improved cognitive function and well-being begins with our compassionate care and expertise. Rely on Geode Health for accurate, insightful, and personalized ADHD testing in Libertyville.

Our providers in Libertyville, IL

Paul Berkowitz Headshot

Paul Berkowitz, MD

Outpatient Psychiatrist

I am a double board-certified Psychiatrist (general psychiatry and consultation-liaison psychiatry) with 23 years of… View Paul Berkowitz’s profile

Chibogu Obianwu Headshot

Chibogu Obianwu, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

I am a dedicated and board-certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience spanning both inpatient… View Chibogu Obianwu’s profile

Joan Torrato Headshot

Joan Torrato, Advanced Practice Nurse

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

My professional commitment centers around delivering individualized care that is tailored to the specific needs… View Joan Torrato’s profile

Andres Misquez Headshot

Andres Misquez, LCSW


Engaging in counseling is courageous. It means you are brave to not only acknowledge that… View Andres Misquez’s profile

In-person or online appointments available with our providers in Libertyville, IL

In contrast to the numerous “virtual-only” mental healthcare companies prevalent today, Geode Health maintains a physical presence within the communities we serve. This tangible presence allows us to conduct in-person monitoring of patients with complex needs, ensuring the safe prescription of medications that others cannot provide, and facilitating access to the latest treatments.

For added flexibility, we also provide the option to connect with our healthcare providers online through secure video visits. Both visit types are easily bookable and manageable online, with availability within a week or less.

Frequently Asked Questions about ADHD Testing

ADHD testing at Geode Health is a thorough assessment designed to comprehend and address symptoms of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. This testing contributes to personalized interventions by pinpointing specific challenges and tailoring strategies to enhance focus and cognitive function.

ADHD testing is advantageous for individuals of all ages suspecting they may be experiencing symptoms of ADHD. Whether for children, adolescents, or adults, our testing process aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of challenges related to attention and hyperactivity.

The ADHD testing process at Geode Health encompasses interviews, behavioral observations, and standardized ADHD screening scales.

ADHD testing involves a variety of assessments, including cognitive tests, attention tests, and behavioral evaluations at Geode Health. These tools assist our skilled professionals in gathering valuable information to make an accurate diagnosis and develop personalized strategies for managing ADHD symptoms.

Yes, ADHD testing at Geode Health is crafted to identify not only ADHD but also co-occurring conditions contributing to attention and focus challenges. Our comprehensive assessments consider various factors to ensure a thorough understanding of an individual’s cognitive and emotional well-being.

ADHD testing at Geode Health caters to individuals of all ages, including adults. Our skilled professionals customize assessments to the unique needs and challenges of each individual, ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective strategies for managing ADHD symptoms in adulthood.

The outcomes of our comprehensive ADHD assessment at Geode Health provide valuable insights guiding personalized treatment options and interventions. Based on the testing results and collaborative discussions with each individual, our providers may recommend behavioral strategies, therapy, medication, or a combination of these. Our team collaborates with individuals to identify their symptoms and develop a comprehensive, personalized plan for managing ADHD symptoms.

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