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Trauma Therapy in Evergreen Park, IL

9730 S Western Ave suite 230, Evergreen Park, IL 60805, USA

Office Hours

  • Monday — Friday9am — 5pm
  • Saturday — SundayClosed

Individual providers may offer expanded appointment hours. Please call (708) 734-9131 for availability.

Why Choose Geode Health for Trauma Therapy in Evergreen Park?

At Geode Health, our commitment revolves around delivering trauma therapy that fosters healing, resilience, and empowerment. Our team of experienced therapists brings profound understanding to each individual’s unique journey, offering personalized and evidence-based care. What distinguishes us is our unwavering dedication to establishing a secure and supportive environment for clients to explore and process their traumatic experiences.

Opt for Geode Health for trauma therapy in Evergreen Park that surpasses conventional approaches, ensuring you receive compassionate care and expertise on your path to healing. Your journey to renewed mental well-being starts with us.

Our providers in Evergreen Park, IL

Samuel Assam Headshot

Samuel Assam, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Hello, I’m Samuel, a psychiatric nurse practitioner dedicated to enhancing mental well-being. I began my… View Samuel Assam’s profile

Brittany Lampkin Headshot

Brittany Lampkin, LCPC


I am a mental health therapist with a passion for guiding individuals on their journey… View Brittany Lampkin’s profile

In-person or online appointments available with our providers in Evergreen Park, IL

In contrast to numerous “virtual-only” mental healthcare companies prevalent today, Geode Health operates from physical locations within the communities we serve. This allows us to personally monitor patients with complex needs in person, ensuring the safe prescription of medications that others cannot provide, and granting access to the latest treatments.

Furthermore, for enhanced flexibility, we provide the option to connect with providers online through secure video visits. Both in-person and virtual visit types are easily bookable and manageable online, with availability within a week or less.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trauma Therapy

At Geode Health, trauma therapy represents a specialized form of mental health treatment focused on addressing the impact of traumatic experiences. Our therapists employ evidence-based approaches to promote healing, resilience, and the restoration of mental well-being.

Trauma therapy is recommended for individuals who have experienced various forms of trauma, including childhood abuse, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and other traumatic events. It can address symptoms from conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Absolutely. Geode Health tailors trauma therapy to be effective for individuals dealing with complex trauma and painful memories. We recognize that a traumatic event or experience may significantly impact your life. Our therapists establish a safe and supportive space to explore and process these challenging experiences.

Yes, trauma therapy is highly suitable for individuals struggling with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and past trauma. Our therapists are trained to work collaboratively with clients to develop coping strategies and promote healing.

Contributing to overall mental health and well-being, trauma therapy at Geode Health equips individuals with tools and coping mechanisms to navigate the effects of trauma. The goal is to foster emotional regulation, resilience, and a renewed sense of self.

Yes, Geode Health offers both in-person and virtual trauma therapy sessions, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for individuals in Algonquin. Virtual sessions provide the convenience of engaging in therapy from the comfort and privacy of your own space.

Instrumental in supporting individuals grappling with substance abuse issues and the impact of trauma on relationships, trauma counseling at Geode Health works to address underlying causes, providing a foundation for holistic recovery and healthier connections.

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